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Look, Mr. Edgeworth! I've stolen this meme!

smallish spoilers for Ace Attorney Investigations under the cut.

Name seven of your characters/muses
1) Dlanor A. Knox
2) Asakura Ryoko
3) Cirno
4) Sion Eltnam Atlasia
5) Gilgamesh
6) Kay Faraday
7) Megurine Luka

Questions for all of them:
What do you do with them? I ignore them. Well, until recently. Now three of 'em have got homes. Well, two do, and Sion will be joining them once I get a sample written that doesn't blow.
Do you believe they're real? I'm not even going to dignify this with a response. EXCEPT GILGAMESH IS THAT GUY FROM REAL LIFE HISTORY CLASS AND LUKA IS A REAL LIFE COMPUTER PROGRAM SO. IDUNNO?
Are any of them dating each other? :|
Have they ever been killed? In their canon? Ryoko's dead. Cirno's been killed a couple times. Gilgamesh was dead from the beginning.
Have you drawn them? Hard to draw 'em if I have no drawing ability.


About number one:
What do they do for a living? She kills witches and doesn't afraid of anything. Also, lots of paperwork.
What do they dress like? Like a BATTLE NUN.
Who is their best friend? E-Erika /sob
Do they have any nicknames? Death Sentence Dlanor, Dlanor of the Ten Wedges
Are they seeing anyone? Married? Very funny.
What species are they? She's a...hmm. I don't actually know. She ain't human, that's for sure.
Do they eat meat? I don't even know if she needs to eat. She doesn't seem like she'd be too picky, except for maybe avoiding bitter things.
What kind of accent do they have? She emphasizes the last word of her sentences, unless it's a name or location.
Are they a virgin? Yep.


About number two:
What's their middle name? Man, Asakura Ryoko isn't even her real name. She's probably just a number, or something.
How old are they? ????????
What's their favorite hobby? She doesn't know what "fun" is. She doesn't have any hobbies, only a job.
What's their sexuality? Asexual
Any special powers? She can rewrite data around her to suit her needs. It's not perfect though because Yuki can override her changes.
What religion are they? Atheist
Do they get ridiculed? Probably not very often.
What species are they? Humanoid interface
Who are their friends? She doesn't have friends.
Have they ever wanted to kill someone? Yes. >:3


About number three:
What color is their hair? Light blue
What is their ethnicity? Fairy?
What is their favorite food? Ice cream.
Do they have a nice singing voice? NO.
Have they ever hurt someone? Probably enough for them to reach for a Band-Aid. Or maybe some hot water, just touching her is enough to give you frostbite.
Are they a virgin? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha YES.
Are they single? Yes.


About number four:
Are they male or female? Female.
What is their favorite color? If her attachment to her clothing is any indication, it's purple.
Who is their worst enemy? Walachia.
What sort of clothes do they wear? All purple. Kind of difficult to describe, just google it.
Where are they from? Egypt
Are they in a relationship? Aside from a HUGE CRUSH ON SHIKI, no.
What would they do if they were held at gunpoint? Pull out her own gun. Alternatively, if she had managed to insert her Etherlite, she'd just fry their brain.


About number five:
Are they magic in any way? Yep.
What religion are they? He worships himself. No but seriously he IS a demigod so. He kind of has to prescribe to the ancient Babylonian religion.
Do they have any kids? Yes, but he never appears in canon, thank goodness.
Has anyone close to them ever died? His BFF Enkidu.
Do they have any nicknames? King of Heroes, Gil(-sama)
If they were an animal, what would they be? ................................
What sort of TV programs do they like? Ones about him.
What is their fondest memory? The time he spent with Enkidu. Too bad he's too batshit to really think about those times anymore ;~;


About number six:
What number would represent them? 2. She's the second Yatagarasu.
Where are they from? Given the setting of AAI, she's from America. (Localized version, obviously.)
Do they consider themselves pretty? She doesn't really care too much.
How often do they sleep? Less than the average person, but not too insane.
Do they daydream? Yes.
What is their sexuality? Heterosexual.
Do they have any hobbies? Stealing stuff, bothering Edgeworth, eating Swiss Rolls, bothering Edgeworth, being a vigilante of justice, bothering Edgeworth.......


About number seven:
Do they like being outdoors? Not so much.
What's their personality like? Textbook tsundere.
Do they hate anyone? Gakupo, sometimes Meiko
Do they have a crush? Who? Gakupo
Do they hate anyone? didn't i just answer this question
Are they intelligent? She's of slightly above-average intelligence.

so yeah, there you go, I guess.
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